Yes, Lots More Still to Come

Dear visitors, I promise to continue adding content as time allows. I’ve been sidetracked with some web site work and software development projects for clients. I just finished another enhancement for a Calibration Log tool used by a manufacturing company. That program is used to make sure their equipment is maintained and certified to current metrological standards.

I also just built a tool that examines the properties of images (Title, Subject, Comments and Tags) and creates new copies of those images with those properties visible in the margins, in both original size and smaller versions.

I’ve also been working on a vast collection of photos from family albums of my adopted parents John and Willie. My brother Randy is scanning thousands of these photos, identifying what he can in the properties (hence the software I just wrote), and sending them to me. I’ve been updating the properties when I can, then creating these new versions of the images to share with the family. We plan to create another family web site, similar to this one, in the near future.

Thank you all for your patience.

More importantly, thank you for keeping the memory of Patrick and Stephanie alive.