Yep, did get yours

e-mail letter from Fred to Patrick and Stephanie on 31 Jan ‘1, which Patrick sent to me on 8 Sep ’15 as part of a large collection.

Yep, did get yours

& yours, dear Stephanie,

& have no explanation.  suspect it was my server.  Address remains the same & is in order now — I think.

Still can’t raise the nonet.  But am glad to have the op. 134 made clear.  Geez, that must be something to SEE performed — not to mention heard.

Must scout for  a recording of that trio.  O, & Pat, Penderecki?  recordings?  where to start?  When you can think of it.

Today is last of radiation — & the voice now slightly out-rasps that of a cricket.  Am depleted but hopeful.  Only 2 more chemo cycles.  Yesterday, in a crushing symbolic act, I gave my tennis racquet to the kid next door who is learning.  I’m admitting the obvious.

I do hope you will be able to see Burn’s JAZZ.  Am certain both of you would love — all 12 hrs.  & his CIVIL WAR.  The BASEBALL became tiresome.  He does load them all with social commentary (his critics charge) — part of their raison d’etre, to be sure — & clearly he is a passionately moral man.  I should imagine there would be a dide audience in Europe.

Naught else now — ‘cept still enjoying Seth, & including love for you both, f