Wednesday (22 March 2017)

A couple of notes to a sister about Wednesday the 22nd of March.

Not sure if you’re getting these email messages. Anyway here’s another from last night.

Patrick has taken meds and gone to bed. He’s still in a lot of pain and has a hard time getting around tonight but he had another solid dinner so at least he’s eating again. He even entertained Barry and Yoji for a couple of hours.

He definitely looks frail.

Any little thing can stress him out which aggravates the pain.

It’s hard to see him this way and I am reminded of John and Willie. Still I take comfort in the little things like seeing him eat.


I think he can recover if they can simply knock down the pain. His newest doctor is very cautious but did actually touch his spine to check things out, which is a reassurance for us all.

On Saturday he gets another MRI, which he dislikes, but it may reveal something new that can be fixed.

Meantime he’s not supposed to go very far but today we did get out for a bit of banking and shopping and lunch.

He won’t admit it but I also think he’s a little worried about money.

Still, on the positive side his appetite is back a little and he’s actually been interested enough to actually get out of the apartment, so let’s call these little victories.

I will give him more hugs for you but they will be very delicate so they don’t aggravate the injuries.

Lots of love,