Viola Jokes and More

Some light moments at the Basmati restaurant telling musician jokes while drinking wine and enjoying outstanding food.

JP: You sent me a long list of viola jokes.

Patrick: Yes, you go on-line and there are thousands of them. Here’s a viola joke: Did you hear of the viola player whose viola was stolen while he was playing it?

JP: Okay.

Patrick: What do you do with a viola player who dies during a concert? You put him in the last row.

JP: Okay.

Patrick: And no one will notice. Of course, all the other instrumentalists have jokes about each other.

For instance, why is it that viola players never fart? Because all the assholes are in the first violin.

So every instrument has its attacker and defender.

JP: What do they say about the kettle drum?

Patrick: I don’t know. I’ll have to ask the drummers. I know a couple of good ones.