Science and Art

My dad Patrick was a man of the arts with an appreciation for science. My dad John was a man of science with an appreciation for the arts. As a result, their nature combined with the artistic talents of both my moms, I naturally have an appreciation for both.

All of this is a preface to my thoughts regarding Covid vaccinations. I received my second jab this morning [21 March ’21]. It has only been three hours since that shot, so it’s too early to tell what side effects I may experience, but I continue to study the data as well as listen to anecdotal data, data for evidence from my friends and family. Most have experienced nothing more than a sore arm at the injection site, even for the second dose. A few have felt flu-like symptoms after the second dose. One friend has been in a lot of pain, but it was a result of the injection and not the vaccine. Her symptoms were not indicative of the flu but rather of the needle striking a tendon or nerve. I have one friend who in turn has related anecdotally that she had an elderly friend who was in frail health who died from the vaccine and knows two other athletic people who have felt serious muscle aches and so on for several weeks now. Thus she refuses to get the shots.

When I think about John and Patrick, I’m pretty confident that they would have reviewed the analyses, then secured the vaccines as soon as they were able. They were smart men who trusted science.

Addendum [8 Apr ’21]. It has been well over two weeks since my second jab, still with no side effects. In truth, I am breathing easier, but it’s emotional, not respiratory.