USA Memorial October 21, 2017

We’re having a US-based memorial on Oct 21st at 1:00 PM in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Spring Grove Cemetery, Section 28, plot 5. The grave marker for both of them has been ordered. Anyone who knew either or both of them is invited to attend and share any thoughts or memories. Tate’s children Alison Shepard and Carl Shepard will offer music as well.

Why Ohio? Initially a sister in St. Augustine wanted a US-based memorial in Florida so it would be convenient for her and her boys to attend. Less than a month later she changed her mind and said she does not intend to attend a US-based memorial.  Gretchen is unable to travel so choosing a California venue is not important. Anyway, it makes sense to have Patrick’s memorial at a place of Stephanie’s, just as his urn of ashes rests atop her box of bones in the Deia Cemetery.

Therefore I’ve changed the venue from Florida to Ohio, in Stephanie’s family plot near Cincinnati. Thanks to Tate, Stephanie’s brother, for making all this possible, and for the cenataph that will be placed there to honor them both.

You can send any reflections to Stephanie’s brother Tate or to me, for inclusion in the Reflections section of this web site.

Directions to Section 28. Turn right after you go through the tunnel and it’s about 1000 feet down on the right.

Please let me know if you’d like to attend.