Twenty Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago we offered to come out and help Patrick since Stephanie was in hospital fighting cancer. This was his response.

Dear JP and Donna,

Thanks for your wonderful offer. I will certainly let you know if I need
your help.

At the moment, your good wishes are received with gratitude, but I don´t
honestly know how anyone can do anything except be, as you are, supportive.

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I’m keeping track of her treatments and we are in touch every day —
although there is a bed for me in the hospital room, as is the custom in
Spain, she agrees that I should be here taking care of things. We have
guests now, and more coming in a few days. The Festival starts on Thursday,
and I have to do publicity and programs, tickets, etc.

The best for me is to keep working, I think. Today I installed an antique
sink at the foot of the garden, a project which S has been after me to do
for a few years. So I have cement pains to cover up the emotional strain.

She has had a very healthy year, good diets, all sorts of
alternative treatments, so I´m hoping that she will respond well to the

It´s sad, because she really wanted to make it without the harsh medical
treatments; she saw her mother go through this, and did not want the same
for herself.

Today they are giving her a blood transfusion, since the tubes draining her
kidneys have depleted her own.

Amazing lady — she´s still cheerful and only wants to come home and work in
her garden.

Much love, and thank you again for the supportive thoughts.


—– Original Message —–
From: “John P”
To: “Patrick Meadows”
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 18:19
Subject: Re: SS

Hi, Patrick,

I’m following up to see how you’re doing, and how Stephanie is doing. I
talked with Allison last night too. Would you and Stephanie like for us to
come out and lend a hand while she goes through the treatments? I know
that the process can sap your energy and thought you might like having
extra hands around to assist. Is there something else we can do to help?

To be honest, it’s sometimes hard to “read” your wishes and needs. I know
that some people prefer to fight their battles privately while others like
having a support group near by. We respect either choice, but since we
don’t know which you and Stephanie prefer, we wanted to let you know that
we’re here if you need us, and can be there if needed.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to send warm and healing thoughts in your
direction. Keep us posted.


JP and Donna

P.S. Allie doesn’t have e-mail at the moment, but her good friend Michele
can relay important messages for her. Michele’s e-address is: “Michele and

Just a note to tell you the news. Stephanie is now in hospital. After the
last tests it seems the cancer has spread dangerously to other organs, and
her liver, bladder and perhaps kidneys are infected. They began tests
yesterday, and probably Monday will begin radiation and chemotherapy. She
is cheerful, seems so healthy and is not in any pain. Hopefully they will
be able to stop the spreading, and fix up the damage already done.

This is what the doctor ordered a year ago, but she wanted to try the
alternatives. I´m relieved that she is undergoing therapy, and hope for
the best.

Love from us both.