Turina’s Rapsodia Sinfonica

Here’s a Youtube video featuring Stephanie’s and Patrick’s good friends Suzy Bradbury and Misha Rachlevsky in a concert performance in Scotland. It’s a lovely, dynamic piece, about eight and half minutes long. You may recall that Misha conducted Patrick’s memorial concert in September 2017.

Misha’s description: “This performance of Turina’s Rapsodia Sinfonica for piano and string orchestra, Op. 66 by Suzanne Bradbury, accompanied by Russian String Orchestra (formerly Chamber Orchestra Kremlin), conducted by Misha Rachlevsky, took place on August 15, 2019, at the Old Saint Paul Church in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.”

P. S. If you watch it on YouTube you have the ability to subscribe to Misha’s channel. I recommend you do.