Today I Talked with Patrick Twice

Sent 13 Apr ’17 5:17 PM

Today I talked with Patrick twice.

Initially he said that he’s not doing very well and wouldn’t be much fun for conversation. However he did eat some breakfast in the morning and said that he had a pretty good night last night. He’s fighting both back pain and that intestinal pain with the nausea.

I called again a couple of hours later and he sounded much more upbeat. Ivonne was taking him for a drive out to the country, just to get out and in the fresh air. He said that maybe the jostling would help his back a little. He gave me a brief tour of the island as a narrative from the passenger seat, pointing out a finca he’d like to buy (but couldn’t afford), Queen Anne’s Lace on the right side of the road, sheep bleating in the fields, and the mountains in the distance. Ivonne said they’re small mountains, but pretty.

In general he seemed in good spirits and said he’d had a nice lunch of meatballs and pasta that Ivonne made, though he declared he was the better cook.  I asked where they were going to have dinner, to which he replied “probably mi casa!”

He acknowledged and appreciated the kind notes that some of you sent. He didn’t say it, but I think he found them warming. On the medical front, both Carol and Rumiko recommended the same acupuncturist. Patrick has an appointment next Tuesday.

Ivonne has been giving him wonderful care and he said he might not have made it this far without her help. It’s such a delight for me to hear them laughing in the car together, or at the house. She really is a great person and he knows that he’s lucky to have her in his life, just as he acknowledges how good it is to have all his other family and friends sending healing thoughts and other sorts of prayer to him on his little island.

The body needs fuel to heal, so it’s reassuring to hear that he’s finally able to eat a bit. It’s also good to hear that he’s getting out and about and enjoying the beautiful Spanish afternoons.  It takes time to recover from surgery and medicines. I’m glad he’s able to pass that time in good company and a lovely environment.

As I hear more I will share it.