Early Thanksgiving 2019

Several friends came to visit my house in California recently, so last Sunday we hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner. It was a lovely day with good friends and good weather. (Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November.)

Naturally I was reminded of the many dinner parties that Patrick and Stephanie enjoyed, as did I during my too-infrequent visits.

In Spain, many things happen around the dinner table: musical conversations, deep discussions, stories of personal discoveries, comfort and support, and of course incredible food and wine. Some of Patrick’s tales of those moments have already been posted on this site.

Even after Patrick’s passing, those meals with Ivonne, Suzy, Karl and Antoinette, Nicole, Carol, the Bonners, and so many more, all provided comfort and light, reflection and vision.

Friends gathered at table.

Nine good friends joined me on Sunday, some I’ve know for 40 years or more, from diverse backgrounds with diverse interests, making for many sparkling conversations.

I even pulled out the patio furniture, unused for over a year, where we gathered and “talked story” before and after the turkey had been sliced and served, the cranberry sauce devoured, and the sun had set. I was reminded again of those beautiful evenings on the terraces of Daval Es Penyal, exchanging ideas with Patrick while Stephanie sang in the gardens or kitchen.

Patrick and Stephanie were there with us in spirit, along with John and Willie, as represented by Patrick’s suspenders, Stephanie’s table cloth, Willie’s glassware in the cabinet, and John’s self-portrait on the wall.

It was a delightful day, surrounded by friends and memories of family.