There Were Fields

Here’s one of Patrick’s poems from An Anthology of Verse: FSU: 1954-1955 by George, Pat, Donna, David, and Regina.

1955 Poem by Patrick

There were fields;
    they stretched far below the heavens,
    and there was no tree---only yellow earth
        grey sky.
In the fields, men of stone stared at every horizon,
though alone
to see in each direction
was the grey granite of men.

Once a man of flesh
     entered the fields of the mute men,
     seeking that which the doubter seeks.
-Surely these eyes gaze for that which they search-
And he perceived not that the men were of stone.

He followed each stare to the crest of the world,
   more certain each time
   that the next was the way.
As he finished the circuit in despair,
cursing the many deaf ears,
he felt his tongue harden in his mouth
and saw that his flesh was granite.

                                     pat meador 1955

I’ve given it an arbitrary date of 1 May 1955