The Meaning of Life

Patrick tells a joke, JP responds with an improv game.

JP: So what question do you want me to ask you?

PM: What is the meaning of life?

JP: 42. [A reference to Douglas Adams.]

PM: Yeah. The rabbi is dying and his oldest son asks him, “What is the meaning of life?”  The rabbi says “Life is like a barrel.” The oldest passes it to the next oldest son, who repeats it to the next, all the way back to the one who’s the town idiot. The town idiot says “What does he mean life is like a barrel?” So it goes all the back up from one son to the next, all the way to the front. The eldest son says “What do you mean life is like a barrel?” The rabbi says “So life is not like a barrel?”

JP: A variation on an improv game that we play, a warm-up, where one person turns to another and says “This is a pencil.” The second says “A what?” and hears “A pencil.” The second responds with “Oh, a pencil,” then they turn to the person on their left and repeat, but it has to go all the way back to the first person, so you’re turning back and forth. Then there’s a second item going the opposite direction. It’s an exercise in awareness, and place, and relationships. It’s really challenging actually.