Stephanie Came to Buy the McKinley House

This is a conversation describing what would have been part of his unfinished book “Bohemians of the Tramantura.

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Patrick: Let’s see, I think I’ve got this all written down, I don’t know why I’m telling it. Stephanie came to Mallorca before I did, with the idea of, with her husband, buying the house next door to where we ended up living, the McKinleys’ house. She separated from her husband and ended up staying there and he moved back to New York.

So that house was why she was in Deia. And later on, we bought the house next door.

In the meantime, after the McKinleys bought the house, she came with her husband to share the house with the McKinleys and buy it together from Robert Graves, who had the house. She didn’t buy it, but the McKinleys did.

Then they went back to Kansas City and rented the house, and guess who lived in the house? Remedios.

John: And the kids?

Patrick: With the kids. And a guy from Australia, who had left this woman in Australia who was going to join him later. And when she came, he separated from Remedios. So Remedios left Deia, she met this guy from Chile and went — that’s a whole other thing — very important. Anyway, this guy from Australia, Bob, married the girl from Australia that came. They had a couple of boys. So, years later, when Isabel brought Remedios to my house late one night to check her email…. [on Patrick’s computer]

John: Mhmm.

Patrick: Remedios moved in a few months later, and of course Sandra, the wife of Bob, thought: “This is going to present a problem.”

John: Oh!

Patrick: The old beautiful girl

John: … next door to …

Patrick: Yeah, that was with Bob when she arrived. Well, it didn’t, because she was with me, and blah blah blah. Well, a few years later after the boys had grown up and so on, Bob got cancer. He was dying of cancer, and finally he died, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff I’m skipping over…. good stuff.

Patrick: Anyway I told Remedios that Bob had died, and she said “Please give Sandra my sympathies” and I didn’t think that that would be right, because of what had happened before.

John: Right.

Patrick: Anyway, Sandra had a big party — a wake. I went to the wake, all the old friends were there, and there were recordings of Bob playing the guitar and singing. One of the songs he wrote for Remedios — The Gypsy Girl — and so on. Ok. So I decided not to say anything to Sandra about Remedios’ condolences. Then as I was leaving the party, Sandra came up, and said, “Wait a minute, I have something for you,” and she went in the house and she came out with an 8 by 10 color photograph with her husband Bob with Remedios at the McKinley’s house!

John: Oh no!

Patrick: All those years ago! Amazing! Anyway, I’m trying to get all this down. Just in case I don’t.

John: And you did tell her at this point… that Remedios sent her condolences….

Patrick: Yeah.

John: Wow.

Patrick: So that’s… I’ve got a 120 pages of these things, stories about people in Deia.

John: Yeah.

Patrick: It’s called “Bohemians of the Tramantura.” That’s the title.

John: Ok. What is the Tramantura?

Patrick: That’s this part of Mallorca.

John: Oh! Ok ok Yeah.

Patrick: It’s now a world heritage site or something, those mountains and villages.

John: Let’s see it’s 21:51 on the… St Patrick’s day! Hey, happy St. Patrick’s day, Patrick!

(Listen to the conversation – about five and a half minutes long)