Patrick Talks About Rock ‘n’ Roll

Here’s a recording made over breakfast in Ventura, CA, in which Patrick talks about rock and roll music.We were having breakfast at the Busy Bee Diner.

(listen to the recording)

Transcription below:

PM: … and we were doing all the usual stuff that everybody played and then along comes this stuff where you go boop boop boop boop and you kick around and start acting up and then you get electric guitars, first of all, in the ’50s.

PM: Until then it was different. I didn’t like it after that so I didn’t play any popular music from when I graduated high school until – that was in 1953 – I started again in 1975 in Tampa with the band.  More like the Eagles type, I liked that kind of music. This guy [Elvis, playing in background at the Busy Bee Diner in Ventura] was a drug addict in love with his mother.

CR: In love with his mother?

PM: Yes

CR: They had a close relationship …

PM: That’s good, some mothers don’t.

CR: I think every son should be in love with his mother.

PM: He was certainly a handsome guy, I guess, wasn’t he?

CR: Um, yes he was very handsome, I really liked him.

Transcribed by JPMD
Recording file: 141008-093046-patrick-about-rock-n-roll.mp3