Prescott Rally 2014

Here’s something different for you. I’ve written elsewhere about how much it meant to me for Patrick to attend one of my races, specifically, the 2014 edition of the Prescott Rally. That year Guidance Aviation put together the short video below.

Patrick and I Went to Arizona in 2014 to Attend the Prescott Rally

I can’t be certain now, but I think Patrick was at the junction seen at 2:24 and 3:54 in the video. Perhaps you can spot him. My tired eyes just aren’t sure. Our car, the orange and black Datsun 240Z (car number 5, owned, built, and driven by Brian Scott) can be seen at several spots: 0:36, 1:17, 2:32, 3:44, and 4:10.

Anyway, since I’m competing today in another rally (just a couple of weeks after his birthday – he would have been 87) I figured I’d share this with you.

Rally on!