Perhaps My Last Note from Spain


You have indulged me as I describe the things happening here, and for that I thank you.

Things are finally settling down so this may be my last note from Spain. (Yes, a lot still needs to be done, but not worthy of another e-mail.)

Yesterday I managed to complete the final exam for my students, with just a few hours to spare. As far as I know it went okay, but I know for certain it was a challenge for the students.

I received a note from Ivonne that the juzgado called and said that I could finally retrieve Patrick’s cell phone, which I did. I recharged it and took a quick look through its contents but didn’t see anything particularly curious.

The court also offered me a set of the “crime scene” photos by the police. I don’t want to see them now, but perhaps someone will in the future, so I said I would take them, but asked that they be in an envelope so that I don’t accidentally catch a glimpse.

I had a nice lunch with Barry at a Chinese place near the plaza of the columns.

Later in the afternoon Carol came by for a few minutes to discuss Patrick’s plaque for the cemetery. Rather than attach the silver plaque, which he requested, we’re going to get a marble or granite equivalent, because the silver won’t wear very well at all and might even be stolen for its material.

In the evening I walked down to the farmacia for medicine to help with a bit of a sinus drip, then had dinner at a place called La Cantina, definitely not a Mexican restaurant. Though the menu item included the word relleno I correctly surmised that the food I’d ordered was actually a kind of chicken cordon bleu.  It was another crummy night of sleep, however.

A BIG thank you to Ivonne for letting me drive her car when we go places. Her Smart Car is quite different from my Porsche but it’s perfectly suited for this island with its tiny roads. Of course, some of these roads would be perfect for “the dragon” (as Patrick called it) except for all the bicycles and buses.

Today was a full day of driving, visiting four banks in three villages. Spain requires a number of certificates and documents from each, so we submitted those requests today. One delivered on the spot, a second said Monday, and a third said one week. The fourth was an exchange of dollars for euros since I’ve got many more expenses to come and I’m hemorrhaging cash.

The last bank was in Soller, so afterwards we shared coffee with Leo before heading back to Palma. Leo is helping me with shipping stuff, and later, scanning stuff.

At about 3 PM Ivonne and I decided to finally get something to eat, stopping in a great little Mallorquin place that had an 11 euro “menu” consisting of two courses, bread, dessert, wine and water. The food was great but I couldn’t finish either course. The flan disappeared quickly, however.

As I write this I received an e-mail from Del Taco proclaiming “National Shrimp Day.” Who comes up with these crazy ideas anyway?

Carol insists that I get out of the apartment for the weekend so I’ll head out to her little house in the country on Friday or Saturday. I had an invitation to go to Italy for a writing workshop and decompression time for a few days but I don’t think I can make it. On the other hand, it would cost only $300 to go for a weekend.

Now I’m drinking a Coca-Cola near Carrefour and thinking about the things still on my list.  What list? This list:

  • Complete grading school work and upload final grades.
  • Visit an alternate lawyer.
  • Try again to get the autopsy.
  • Order a marker for Patrick.
  • Finish packing all the boxes, and shipping them.
  • Back up the data on Patrick’s phone, then give the phone to Carol.
  • Transfer data from his old computer to a memory device.
  • Remove disk drive from old computer before giving computer to Yoji.
  • Buy a scanner.
  • Lunch with various friends including Isabel, Mike/Phillipa, Jack/Vera, Tony/Eva/Hannah/Nicole, and others.
  • Revisit banks and lawyers.
  • Send death certificates to consulate.
  • Read Coffin for Demetrious, the book Patrick was trying to get through again before he died.
  • Create web site for Patrick and Stephanie, tentatively
  • More stuff, forgotten at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll resurface.

Oh, well, I’d best get moving.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. Perhaps you’ll hear from me before I leave here, perhaps after, perhaps not at all. Regardless of my level of correspondence, please know that our families very much appreciate everything.

Take care of yourselves, give each other extra hugs, and tell someone you care about them.

Good night (approximately),