How Has Patrick Influenced My Life?

From a recording. Christine asked how Patrick has influenced my [JP’s] life.

That’s a complicated question but there have been many influences both positive and somewhat negative.

On the positive side I learned a lot more about European culture and music. He’s got … you can listen to my recording about people that inspired me, there are aspects there.

On the negative side, I’m sure it was hard not having him around when I was very young, not understanding back then. He showed up a couple of times here and there, but that was kind of a strange deal.

He has a love for books and for writing that I think has transferred to me, and a willingness to question things, and to surround himself with good people.

I think also seeing that he pursued the life that he wanted. It was not all about making money. It was about the music, and Stephanie, and….

I learned from that, in a positive way. I think that helped me to subconsciously color my decision to retire early. Seeing that he didn’t have to have a lot money – he’s done okay – but he could make do and still be very happy.

So in terms of my retirement that’s the case. Yes, I could stay and make more money and grow my pension and 401(k), but that was not as valuable to me as to be able to retire before 60 and make certain choices for myself, make more time for myself to do things I want to do besides work.

So yes, Patrick has certainly influenced my life in a lot of different ways.


12:11 PM on 13 March 2016