Patrick Habla de Música (Patrick Speaks about Music)

Screen Shot from Video

Here’s a beautiful and very moving video of Patrick talking about music and Mozart’s requiem, sent to me by Carles Ponseti of Fundació Studio Aureum.

Carles Ponseti de la Fundació Studio Aureum me envió este hermoso y muy conmovedor video de Patrick hablando de música y requiem de Mozart.

Even though my understanding of Spanish is limited, I understand what he is trying to say.

Aunque mi comprensión del español es limitada, entiendo lo que él está tratando de decir.

I miss him very much. Thank you, Carles, for bringing him back to life, if only for five minutes.

Yo lo extraño mucho. Gracias, Carles, por traerlo de vuelta a la vida, aunque sólo sea por cinco minutos.

Visit the Fundació Studio Aureum web site.

5 Replies to “Patrick Habla de Música (Patrick Speaks about Music)”

  1. It’s beautiful to see Patrick’s passion for music so evident in this video. I love how he starts by reflecting and saying ‘corazón’. La Corazon– the heart. . . yes, music from and for the heart.

    1. Ah, a lovely contribution to the website. Very realistic.

      A “life well-lived”, as he set out to do…


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