What Would You Say to Patrick Today? (It’s His Birthday)

Patrick (photo by Cassandra)

Patrick would have turned 84 today.

If he were here, what would you tell him?

Would you have a question instead?

How might he answer?

Are you willing to share?  If so, feel free to use the comments section below. (They don’t immediately appear so please be patient.)

3 Replies to “What Would You Say to Patrick Today? (It’s His Birthday)”

  1. Dearest Patrick,
    If you were here I would say 🎉💐🎈Happy, Happy Birthday 🎈 🌻🎂
    But you are not here.
    I know that you are no longer in pain.
    I understand how unrelieved pain leads to depression which was, in your case fatal.
    It saddens me that I never had the chance to meet you.
    But you , along with his mother 🙂 gave us the man we know as your son. He is one of the Most beautiful & kind, intelligent & talented souls I know.
    He pours his love for you into this website to preserve your memory. We should all be so lucky to have such a person.
    But now our mission is clear.
    We, as his friends, will put our arms around him & shower him with love ,care & support as he
    Continues to experience the process of losing you.
    Your life & family may not have been what some call “typical” but your children love you as evidenced through the stories John is able to share with us.
    With much respect,

  2. I would say, I hope you know and understand what an awesome Son you helped to create. Unfortunately for both you and he, having missed most of his growing-up life, you lessened the quality of your own and his, as good as both may seem. Yet, he loved and admired you inselfishly. Happy 84th Birthday to an interesting father of an even more interesting son! He is the sum of you!

  3. Patrick – I love you. You will never be forgotten. Thanks for making my sister happy for 30 years, Alison and I were so lucky to be with you when she said: “I hear the leaves”.

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