Obituary (English)

Patrick Meadows, who passed away last Saturday, April 22nd [2017], was born in 1934 in West Virginia, in what he always described as the wrong side of the tracks of a small town. He attributed his passion for music to an exceptional teacher he had in school, but he also loved language and went on to get a degree in English literature from the Florida State University. He was a high-school teacher for several years after college. He had three children from a first marriage and a daughter from a second. He arrived in Majorca in 1969, living first in Galilea, and then moving to Deià six years later. There, with his partner Stephanie Shepard, he founded—and directed until 2008—the International Music Festival of Deià, organizing concerts every summer in Son Marroig and in the parish church of Deià. He dedicated his retirement years to the edition and publication of music of unknown composers, mostly of the 19 th century, and notably of the anglo-African composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. He also had a literary side, writing murder mystery and science fiction stories, which were published in many magazines.

Patrick is survived by his children JP, Jennifer, Gretchen and Allison, and his siblings Sue and Jack, and their families, who dearly loved him and miss him greatly.

His family and numerous friends will miss his musicianship, his creativity, his intelligence and his splendid and often mordant sense of humour.

Written by Tony, Eve and Hannah Bonner