Notre Dame

Notre Dame is an amazing structure, a landmark, a gem, an edifice of power and majesty. It grieves me greatly to see it burn. It will be restored, but in the meantime, here is an image of Patrick with this glorious cathedral in the background, still intact.

Patrick in Paris – 1967

When Donna and I visited Paris in ‘3, we attempted to stage a photograph of me in a similar pose. Though the results were imperfect (I was on the wrong bridge, facing the wrong way), here is the result.

JP in Paris – 2003

As for the fire itself, I vigorously praise the firefighters who stormed into the gates of hell, surrounded by symbols of heaven, to save that magnificent work of man. My racing friend Jerry sums it up this way: “Firefighters tread where the devil dances.”

Lastly, I’m seeing many posts “praising god” for saving the beautiful altar. Surely they must also curse that same all-powerful god for allowing the fire in the first place. I seek balance, but only hear hypocrisy. Still, I rejoice that the great doors, great towers, and yes, the great altar, have been saved.

Merci, pompiers, pour votre courage.