Mother’s Day 2017, in Spain

(NOTE: I’m posting this short piece on the sixth anniversary of these recordings.)

Here I am again on a Sunday morning walking to the Carrefour. [A big store similar to Target.] I’m feeling a bit discouraged by my inability to get motivated for my students.

I’m also stressed about the money. Everything is coming out of my pocket. I don’t have the ready cash to pull out of the ATM.

I’m worried about how to get to Sóller tonight for dinner with Suzy, Sue, Leo, Hannah, and little Robby. I really want to be there for Suzy, because she’s done so, so much for me, but as I wrote in a note, I’m absolute rubbish when it comes to mass transit.

It looks like the Carrefour is closed as I walk across the bridge, which means that these other places where I might get coffee could also be closed.

It is Mother’s Day here in Spain, the 7th of May 2017.

[Later] The only place open for coffee was the Boutique Gelato which had outside seating and ash trays everywhere. It started off quiet but a half hour later the place was packed. A cup of coffee was a euro, a pastry was about a euro seventy, so by the time I was done I spent about three euro.

I see my reflection in the glass in the lighting store.

I think I might have lost some weight from all this walking and grieving and poor hydration.

The original recordings are provided below. (170507-091002-walking-to-carrefour-sunday-morning.mp3 and 170507-101404-coffee-at-boutique-gelato.mp3)