More Thoticles

He lost belief in almost everything.  You might say he had a mysterectomy.

Entanglements in quantum physics (also in relationships):

Once 2 systems have interacted they must from that point on be considered a single system, even if they fly apart from each other and remain widely separate.

Ian Smolin, “NYRB The Other Einstein” June 14 2007

Life is temporary
Death is permanent

He does so much nit-picking he has been diagnosed with floccillation of the brain.

What Adriana gets from me is a belief in Love, as in Stephanie’s and mine.

When genius is absent, you need persistence, determination, discipline, dedication.

Now when I read, I have a new approach.  Since I forget what I read from one sentence to the next, continuity is not so important – just that each sentence seems true, or at least not contrary to what seems evident.

“…the lips of a fool will swallow him up.”

Ecclesiastes XI. 12

Jobs I lost over the years:

  • Coos Bay – because of the strike
  • FSU – sorting IBM 560 records of students into chaos
  • Rbt. E Lee Jr High – Orlando
  • Orlando Sentinel-Star – too sleepy, too many mistakes on the night shift
  • Island Trees Jr. High Levittown, LI – accused of teaching “communist inspired” 1984 by Orwell
  • Izmir night club – I complained to TUSLOG in Ankara that DeKoster didn’t pay me for my floorshows in Adana.
  • Izmir teaching – Principal Mr Price, a Baptist preacher,  didn’t like the fact my divorced wife wrote him
  • Dump truck – Peculiar, Bill Shelton
  • Laverty Detective – Long Island night watchman falling asleep in the University President’s office after writing a short story on his electric typewriter.
  • Port Jeff Station Jr. High – after punching unruly Danny Goldoni in the mouth
  • LLP

Lobster Westinghouse by the Casino with Telemann
Seth Egger speaking to Eastern countries
French student Lolita in Vero Beach
Her brother-in-law and father came up onto the porch. Her father carried what I believe is called cross-tree for a plow horse.

This is another excerpt from a collection of files Patrick called Scattered Notes.odt dated from 2014 to 2016 and titled Thoticles. I’ll continue to add other segments as time allows. It’s a huge collection, 72 pages if I recall correctly.