Memorial Went Well Today

JPMD and Med
The Mountains that Patrick Loved

Too worn out to write much, but the memorial went well.

Carol and Trini read a sister’s poem in English and Spanish, Jack read Patrick´s poem to Stephanie, and afterwards at La Residencia, Suzy and Vera played some lovely music. I think there were between 30 and 50 people present, amazing given the small space.

The weather was chamber-of-commerce perfect.

JP Preparing to Speak
Preparing to Speak

On the way to the memorial we stopped in Valldemossa for the death certificate. I also stopped in the town hall of Deia to get the permit to bury Patrick´s ashes.

It was a warm day with a lot of walking and sun and I am badly sunburnt, but it was worth it to represent the two families with honor.

In a few hours I switch gears to the legal aspects of the situation, with the first meeting with Patrick´s attorney.

Good night, all.