Revisiting Patrick’s Memorial Concert

I’ve been traveling, driving cross country like I used to do before Patrick died. When I finally came to a three-day rest stop in Alabama (on my way to Tampa, where Patrick and I reconnected in 1975), I dragged out my recordings of Misha’s memorial concert.

Once again I relived that magical night when Son Marriog was full of Patrick’s friends meeting to pay their respects one more time.

In particular, I played Piazzolla’s Libertango, the final encore of the evening.

It has been just over six years since that concert. In the intervening time we’ve dealt with tragedy after tragedy, including Covid, the treason of Jan 6th, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and so much more.

Through it all, music has helped us get through the troubles.

I’m about to get on the road again, completing that last jump to Tampa, but I hoped to share that footage with you on the anniversary of the concert. Unfortunately, my laptop and the footage file format don’t play nice together.

Instead, here’s that final piece performed by Misha’s orchestra, but at an earlier concert, as posted on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy this short and energetic piece as much as I do.