Line Drawings

Another recording from October 2014. Patrick talks about line drawings and a children’s book he’d written, drawn, and lost.

Listen to the conversation

JP: You have some line drawings you promised to Gretchen.

Patrick: Yeah, a few. Just a few, where you put the pen on the paper and don’t lift and …

JP: I remember doing that in 7th grade art class.

Patrick: Yeah?

JP: You’re not allowed to look at the paper.

Patrick: Some of them I think I scanned. They could be scanned. They’re sort of loopy little things.

Patrick: It’s amazing you start with one line and make the bleachers and all the people in the bleachers, then come back down and make the majorettes and the trombone player and you haven’t lifted yet, and there’s another band in front of them and you come back up, and you pick up the guy on the top of the bleachers who’s waving and then you let go. It’s really fun.

JP: It’s like an Etch-a-Sketch.

Patrick: I have one I thought I was doing, something about listening, so there’s a guy who turns his head like this and he has this gigantic ear and his eyes looking that way. I finally decided to call that one Rumors.

Patrick: I think those were the days in Galilea when I did those. There I was getting stoned a lot.

Patrick: A little book. I wonder who has that. There was a 10 or 15 page children’s book about somebody like Allison, a little kid, and a witch. It’s in color, on very thin paper. I don’t know where that is. It should be somewhere. I kind of like that one. It’s some of which the witch. I can’t remember how.