Independence Day

Today I will be spending Independence Day (a U.S. holiday often called “Fourth of July” because of its place on the calendar) with Cheri at a party hosted by Cassandra and Jim, who knew Patrick very well.

Cassandra gave me a bunch of pictures, which I’ve scanned and slowly uploaded. Here are a few more, from her collection and mine.

The first picture is from my first visit to Mallorca, in the Spring of 1986.

Cassandra and JP in 1986 during my first visit to Mallorca.

Here are Jim and Cassandra about a year ago, on 13 July 2018, at their California home. They’re wonderful hosts and cook up an amazing steak.

Cassandra and Jim on 17 July 2018

The next is one of many photos from Cassandra, this one showing Carl sitting next to Patrick. I think that’s Cassandra closest to the camera, with her son Jason next to her.

Group at dinner table
Cassandra, Jason, and others at dinner (Carl Mansker is sitting next to Patrick)

Here are a couple of photos of Jim and Cassandra behind the wheel of my car (which Patrick called “El Dragon”) when I visited their house in July 2018.

Cassandra Behind the Wheel of El Dragon
Jim at the wheel of El Dragon

Lastly, here’s a Spanish cat, a beautifully composed photo by Cassandra from many years ago.

I believe Suzy has that music stand now. It was the one I used at the cemetery for the memorial service.

(On a lighter note, I think I hear a voice in Moorpark saying “you can never have enough pictures of cats.”)

Spanish Cat and Music Stand