Patriotic Thoughts

My patriotic thoughts. A little late posting here, but written for 4th.

JPMD in Patrick’s suspenders

Patriotism is not about the size of our flag, the songs we sing, the fireworks we explode, or our prideful boasts claiming “we’re number one.”

Patriotism is about living the ideals of our founding fathers, of having a welcoming heart and open arms, of recognizing our strengths from diversity, of growing a loving future out of a hateful past, and of standing up for the weak, opposing the unfair, caring for the sick, and honoring others of like mind who trod before us to secure for us these liberties we have enjoyed.

Today of all days we should celebrate our independence from tyranny, not by embracing the tyrannical policies foisted now upon us, but by objecting to those same policies loudly, forcefully, and with logic and reason.

Today of all days we must reject the horrors of caged children, tanks on the mall, subjugating women and their bodies to the commands of white extremists, discarding science in favor of profit, expanding fields of hatred pretending to be morality, unending sabre rattling, and dangerous dictators abroad and in the White House.

We must fight to end the demonizing and traumatizing of refugees who come here seeking safety and opportunity, just as our own forefathers did.

Today is Independence Day.

Let’s continue the work begun in 1776 to truly establish that “all men are created equal,” and grant everyone, not just the privileged few, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”