House with a Crack, and Medicine

Transcription of a recording from 25 Mar 2017. Patrick began by talking about a house in Valldemossa and Ivonne’s generosity with her mother, then the topic shifts gears to when to take his next pill. You can definitely here the pain in his voice.

… that place in the house in Valldemossa where there’s an archway and its cracked at one end, as though there’s no supporting beam. So Ivonne, having studied architecture, thinks that that’s a weak point where the roof is going to collapse. The crack is spreading down the wall.

She wanted me to tell her mother all about that and a couple of other things in the house that are going wrong.

There are certain places where the gutters for the roof are filled with plants and overflowing and get into the wall and make mildew in the wall. You can clean it off with bleach, but it’s going to do it again the next time it rains. And lots of other things. Anyway…

In the house in Coloni san Jordi where they are today, a lot of problems also.

Ivonne has been taking care of all the problems out there for years and her mother collected all the rent and never gave her any of the benefit although she was the one keeping the place up. That’s really a fucking drag. she was doing all this work for her mother which her mother would have to pay for: plumbing, electricity.

[Changing gears….]

PM: Let’s see [getting a glass of water for medicine]. Did you say it’s time for the irrantium?

JP: Within an hour, more or less.

PM: Then it would be be …

JP: It would be really late for the third one. You can take it at 5:00 which would then put it past midnight, or you can wait till after you’ve done your MRI and then take it after that and then just call that at night.

PM: So the eight hours would be at …

JP: 5:00 PM.

PM: Eight hours after that?

JP: 1:00 AM

PM: Okay. So if I took it now…

JP: Midnight.

PM: And if I took it now, how much has passed.

JP: You’d have about three and half hours before you go through the tunnel.

PM: I don’t know whether to risk getting dry mouth again or not.

JP: Think you can make it without it, without the pill?

PM: I don’t think so.

JP: Does it provide much relief? That’s more of a muscle relaxer, right?

PM: Yeah, that’s what helps most. The other one? I don’t know what it’s supposed to do, but I don’t know if it does it or not.