He and Stephanie Are Part of My Life and Will Always Be

Martina Hilarides-Witteveen was a friend who played music with Pat and Stephanie for years and wrote the following letter from the Netherlands.

How fortunate I am for you to have found my address and mailed me with this sad news. My condolesences with the passing away from your father.

I lived in Mallorca from 1982 until 1988 and have come back every year since for a month holiday period.

Being a cellist I’ve been playing with Stephanie and Patrick in the ensemble Tafelmusik in the festival from Deia. We have become friends. I also sung in choirs and duets with Stephanie.

I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Stephanie but alas not to your father as he moved to Valldemossa and I had no address.

It touched me that I was able to see the ceremony at the church in Deia on you tube. So I could feel having been there. You spoke very warm and realistic about Patrick. I cherish your words.

Patrick gave me the opportunity to perform as a cellist and to develop my life in Mallorca in a way I’ll never forget. He and Stephanie are part of my life and will always be.