Harlan Ellison

Patrick met Harlan Ellison while attending a Clarion Writer’s Workshop. The famed writer liked Patrick’s work and recommended him to Ed Ferman, then editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Long overdue in my reading of this magazine (I began my subscription around 1974), I’ve been catching up at last, at least with issues from this century. A few days ago I read that Harlan had passed away in June 2018. Why did I not know that until now? Does it matter?

For you, visitors to this web site, it means that I was reminded about two letters I found in Patrick’s files that should be of interest.

The first is a letter about a potential meeting, while the second is that recommendation I mentioned above.

As you know, Patrick published four stories under Ed’s tutelage.

For those of you interested in additional resources, here’s a link to the magazine’s web site: http://fandsf.com/.

Here’s a link to The Internet Speculative Fiction Data Base: http://isfdb.org/ which lists pretty much all the short stories, novels, artwork, magazines, and more relating to science fiction and fantasy.

Patrick’s entries are accurate, but I noticed his name attached to a book I’d not seen before, Spectrum 9: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. I received a copy of this book today, which is why I’m writing now. In it there’s a painting called Suspension.

While Patrick did a bit of drawing and doodles, and even played for a time with oil paints, to my mind this is not one of his works. Nonetheless, it’s a lovely book and I’m glad I bought it.