Guest Book – Helen, Pandora, Maureen

Stephanie and Patrick kept a guest book and invited their visitors to scribble a few words whenever they stayed in one of the units at Daval Es Penyal. John H has volunteered to scan it for me, so in time you’ll see more entries, but I wanted to show you a few to get things started. Here are a couple of pages now, with a couple more coming on Tuesday (because of the dates, it seemed apropo.)

In general I am attempting to remove phone numbers and e-mail addresses, even though it’s probably not necessary since the guest book would be considered a publicly available document. If they attached a business card, I assume that the information was designed to be shared, so in those cases I redacted nothing except private addenda, such as a personal e-address added to the one printed on the card.

Guest Book Entry from Helen and Pandora, probably June 2000.
Guest book entry from Maureen Freely in mid-June or early July 2000.