I Had a Great Respect for Your Father

I received this lovely note from Lynn Habian, concert pianist, on Christmas Eve and am posting it here with her permission.

My husband and I send our sincere deepest condolences to you and your family.  I spoke to your father many times, on the island and from the States.

I’m a pianist who played at La Residencia 3 times- 2012, 2014 and 2015.  I was put in touch with your Dad thru Louise, PR at the hotel.  I didn’t meet your Dad,  although I invited him to my concert.  I did correspond with him thru email.  I sensed after the loss of his Stephanie,  he wanted to avoid the musical scene.  

I had a great respect for your father.  Because my teachers in past were older people,  I agreed with his views on how things should be handled professionally in music business.  So many things have changed.

I did read his obituary and saw the video that was done with you and family and friends.  Lovely.

If you wish to know who I am,  please go to my website:  lynnhabian.com

Again,  I’m very sorry for your loss.

Most sincerely,

Lynn Habian,  USA