Fourth Anniversary

The episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation I saw last night involved the loss of a father. Since today is the fourth anniversary of Patrick’s death, I found the coincidence curious. I have been meaning to write on this day, about that event, but as usual words failed to materialize.

I was talking with Gretchen last night and she mentioned how she missed him. I pointed out the anniversary and she was surprised. The time flows past so quickly, into the past in a great rush, and suddenly times and dates are blurred.

Clearly I still think of him often, still wish that there was something more that I could do on his behalf, something more I could do to further preserve his legacy, something I could do to bring peace to the family.

However, he is lost to us, just as all the generations before us, and those before them, are lost.

Tonight I will watch again the memorial concert footage. I’ll revisit some of those moments that we shared together, to listen to his voice on those recordings that I have, and to celebrate the joy of knowing this imperfect father who cared about his kids despite the life choices that he made.

Of course, the part he’d appreciate most is the music.