Playing Night Clubs in Florida

A recording in a noisy Palma restaurant, about a month before Patrick died, in which he talks about playing night clubs in Florida to help ends meet.

PM: [I was in] Cocoa Beach playing night clubs with Paula, I forget her last name, a red-headed pianist, and …

PM: [kids screaming in background] I hate those kids – Diane always said “Off with its head!”

PM: Yeah, I had the teaching job, and the night job. Then the car, the Studebaker bit us. Then I was going weekends to play in bars in the Cocoa Beach area: Satellite Inn, and spending Friday night and Saturday night at Phyllis’s house while her husband was TDY.

PM: She would clean the house in a bikini.

JP: [Her husband] was Ray, right?

PM: Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray. But I didn’t fall into that trap! It was tempting, I must say. But I wasn’t that far gone.

JP: What little I remember of Aunt Phyl at that time was that she was very attractive, but mean.

PM: I don’t think she had little Ray yet.

JP: Raymond was Jennifer’s age.

PM: Maybe he was there, but I never noticed him.

JP: The bikini was distracting!