David Horsburgh Remembers Patrick and Stephanie

We worked with Patrick and Stephanie for many years. We enjoyed our time with them and they were inspirational.

On Saturday 22 April we were in Puigcerda in Catalonia with three conductors setting up a tour for July. The orchestras will stay in the same hotel in Solsona and their 5 concerts will be in venues initially set up by Patrick & Stephanie.

We remembered Patrick very specifically on that date – an often re-told story of how we sent him out with two musicians to work on a long day schedule of organising concerts while we did parallel work with Stephanie. Patrick gave up on this tedious business to take the musicians to a splendid lunch in a simple but perfect restaurant near the church in Puigcerda. Patrick knew these places. Stephanie refused to miss out and temporarily gave up her vegetarian principles. No further work happened that day and Patrick took a rest back in Solsona before another excellent meal that evening.

We return to the same venue in Puigcerda on July 30 for the last concert by the conductor – who knew Patrick – and retires after this tour. We had already planned to return to the same restaurant. I will make a dedication to Patrick at this concert. His work and the music will continue. His spirit was with us on April 22.

We remember many things about Patrick and Stephanie. Your tribute at the church was perfect. We enjoyed staying with them at their home with Patrick playing music with us through the night on many instruments. I remember trailing through Barcelona to find his favourite shop for buying caps. I remember how he always insisted on driving. We were impressed how quickly Stephanie could produce a simple pasta with salad to eat on the terrace. We recognised how physically hard the two of them worked at their own festival – clearing the chairs, moving the pianos and setting up for the musicians  – to produce magical concerts at stunning venues overlooking the sea.

Patrick involved me in a long lost score he found dedicated to Louis Napoleon – the only child of Napoleon III and the “last Napoleon”. It was a fascinating story that included my neighbouring suburb of Chislehurst in South London and the Zulu Wars in Natal and typical of the kind of project Patrick could come up with.

I met with Gemma in Capellades in April (21) and we remembered Stephanie and the time, at Gemma’s lovely home, when we reduced breakfast to fresh strawberries, luxury chocolate and fine coffee – naturally after Stephanie’s daily yoga and meditation routine.
Our lives are far richer through knowing your father. The 75 young musicians performing at the five venues in Catalonia in July were not born when I started our work with Patrick and Stephanie. That is how his work continues. Also Gemma with her dedication to helping young musicians – inspired by Patrick.

Very best wishes to you and your family. I have passed on your message – including to Jon de Revere, a fine composer and musician, who now lives in Florida and was a great admirer of Patrick. I will also pass on the news to people who knew him in Catalonia – particularly Gemma in Capellades. We will toast his memory at that little restaurant near the Domonec Church in Puigcerda on July 30.

Thank you for sharing these links with us. They remain very special to us.