December Dream

I came across this recording this morning and thought I’d share. It’s a dream I had at 1:00 AM on 6 Dec 2018.

I dreamt that I went to Patrick’s old place (although it wasn’t like any of the old places that he actually lived in that I know of) and was going through the chest of drawers one more time to make sure that I had cleaned everything out. The chest of drawers was an ornate Chinese style cabinet. Some of the drawers were such that when you opened them, when you pulled them out of the cabinet, then you had to lift a lid inside.

The first few drawers that I opened had nothing in them, as I expected. There were a couple more that had odds and ends in them, nothing very important, yet it was a nice surprise to have something more of his to explore or to deal with, even though they were not important things.

I can’t remember what any of them were now specifically, but there was nothing there that was urgent or significant. I think there were one or two things that had some kind of ribbons, or maybe even balloons tied to them, which would have been very odd inside of the cabinet.

Anyway, that was this morning’s dream.

In dreams, as in real life, it just felt nice to be able to connect with Patrick, even in little ways.