Pictures from the Concert

Here are a few pictures from just before the concert.

I didn’t take any while the orchestra was playing because I had no desire to be that guy!

Patrick was behind the concert series for the first 30 years.


(13 Sep 2017 at Son Marriog, near Deia, Mallorca, Spain.)

3 Replies to “Pictures from the Concert”

  1. JP
    The concert must have been fantastic and emotional. San Marroig – such a lovely location where he and Stephanie held many concerts.

    Many thanks to Suzi Bradbury and others who coordinated this fitting tribute. His face as the image behind the program is a stroke of genius.

    JP – thanks for all you’ve done.


  2. Wow! Blown away by the beauty of the venue and I’m sure the beautiful music, but most importantly, the beautiful rememberance of Patrick. His picture in the background of the program was genius. He is very proud, I am sure.

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