Concert in Granada

This is a recording from a conversation on 6 Dec 2011. Patrick is describing a concert that was scheduled in Granada.

The crowd is there and there’s no sign of the singer, Camaron de la Is. So the announcer came out and said he’s on his way, he’ll be here, he’s at the edge of Granada.

Fifteen minutes later they came out and said Tomatito would play the guitar until he comes. Half an hour later they came out and said he’s still on his way.

But what happened was he went to a bar and started singing with friends in Granada and no he didn’t care, he didn’t do a couple of concerts. He didn’t show up.

Tomatito played three times alone and then they gave all the money back and everybody left and the gypsies were really angry. They brought their lunches and prepaid. They had their food, they were having…

Tomatito played very well but alone in front of maybe two thousand people and …