Here’s a short conversation with Patrick about coffee. It’s from November 2011.

Here’s a transcription

JP: OK, the difference between cafe solo, espresso, cappuccino, cortado?

JP: Cafe solo is espresso, cortado is …

PM: an espresso with a stain of milk …

JP: a stain of milk which is called in Barcelona …

PM: Tallat or manchado, you know “stain.” In Italy it’s called macchiato—stain—and then there is cafe con leche

JP: which is just regular coffee?

PM: Yeah, but strong, with a lot of milk, and then there’s cappuccino—it has foam on top with milk.

PM: Then there is the carajillo which is cafe solo with Brandy in it. That’s what the workmen take first thing in the morning before they get out on the job.