He Was in the Clink

In this transcript of a recording dated 19 March 2017, Patrick talks about a friend with an interesting and criminal history.

I told you that I was in New York and I went to the Spanish embassy to get that piece of paper, that Granada thing, that I was the manager of the orchestra. They said that’s enough and in fact I don’t have a work permit and I shouldn’t be in Spain. I’ve been there too long without leaving. You had to leave every three months in those days if you didn’t have a residence permit, so we went to Andorra and back. We’d have lunch in France and come back. In those days…. now it all doesn’t work because it’s all the European Union, so you have to leave the EU.

Anyway, so I lost my passport, got a new passport, [then found the old one and] kept the old passport just in case I ever…

When I got back, a friend, last name of Bernaletti had a problem. I was helping the guy, and he was helping me, fixing me up with all kinds of odd jobs. He’s an Argentine guy. He set himself up to tell people’s fortunes in Palma and all kinds of weird things that he did.

I also rented a computer for him so he could learn how to use a computer. Of course he promptly erased all of the operating system!

He got a job delivering packages for this guy. These packages, it turns out, contained heroin. So he was getting paid well for delivering packages around. He was eventually caught.

He claimed he didn’t know what he was delivering–of course–and they didn’t believe him–of course. They put him in jail over here–of course. He was afraid to talk about the guys who’d given him the stuff from the yachts to deliver.

He’s in the clink, and he won’t talk. They said if you’re in the clink, you’ll talk. He was in for a week, then he talked. He said those guys are animals. I’ve gotta get outta there.

So he came to my house and he said he had to leave the country because these guys will kill him. So he happened to be pretty good at using printing outfits. In fact he was a pretty good forger, so I gave him my passport. He put a new photograph and got out of the country. He got to Italy and for a while we were in contact, but I’ve lost all contact with him.

I was gonna write all about it. He was such a character, a real character, but I never got very far with it.

Last time I heard from him he was living upstairs in a loft in a hotel, working as a bellboy, or whatever it’s called. On the other side of Italy, actually. I don’t know whatever happened to him.

I have a couple of letters from him somewhere in all the papers. Speaking of which, there’s that box that we need to pack up and mail, so one of these days while you’re here, we’ll take the car if the car will run, and we’ll take it to the post office and ship it.

I last heard from him sometime before Stephanie died, but I don’t know how long. The date will be on some of the letters I think.