Patrick Inducted into the WPHS Circle of Distinction

Today it was announced during the Winter Park High School (WPHS) commencement ceremony that Patrick (class of 1953) was inducted into the WPHS Circle of Distinction.  This is a small, elite group of alumni, recognized because they “… realized distinctive achievements in their personal life or in their chosen field(s) that includes such areas as business, education, science, public service, community service, military, industry or arts.”

This is especially touching and appropriate because it was thanks to his high school principal and band teacher that he was able to secure scholarships for Florida State University, which set him firmly down the road on his lifelong pursuit of music.

I extend special thanks to Lee Liming, who put forward the nomination, and Ed Wycoff, who helped shepherd the nomination through the approval process. I also thank those on the selection committee for their efforts and support.

My father never said it publicly, but you could sense he worried that his accomplishments in music, widely and highly regarded in Europe, would go unnoticed in the States.  Were he alive today he would be honored and delighted to have been selected.  Thank you to everyone involved.