Cassandra’s Favorite Story

This is Cassandra’s favorite story about Patrick and Stephanie, as told to us on 4 July 2019. I subsequently realized that Patrick wrote a tangentially related story called Oktav, the story of the harpsichord. It’s interesting to compare the two tales.

Cassandra, Ed, and their son Jason were living on Ibiza, which is a different island in the Mediterranean. (Patrick and Stephanie lived on Mallorca, in a town called Deia.)

Back then there were no telephones–things were very primitive by US standards. If you wanted to talk with somebody you just drove up to their house and talked to them.

One day Patrick and Stephanie showed up at their doorstep, driving a Mini with five pounds of sheet music strapped to the roof and boxes and boxes of instruments.

Patrick said to Ed, “I understand you can sight read music.”

Ed was indeed an accomplished viola player so they got together and played music all afternoon.

Later on Cassandra, Ed, and Jason moved to Deia and stayed in one of the cottages that Patrick and Stephanie had put together as rentals, and everyone played music.

Eventually C,E,J got their own place. They subsequently lived in Soller in a couple of different places, and Fornalutx, and two different places in Deia: Patrick and Stephanie’s, and then their own.