Bug Whacking

JP Sent to Patrick on 13 Apr ’17 at 9:30 AM

Thought you’d find this memory amusing. Perhaps you can work it into one of your next stories.

Donna and I went up to Buttonwillow one weekend and stayed at what was then called Motel 6 South.

There were tons of bugs everywhere, probably from the nearby fields, and the door was absolutely crawling with little flying critters. Inside there were hundreds of these little pests all over the walls.

I grabbed the Gideon’s Bible, a nice big useless flat-faced book and started whacking these things against the wall. I quickly realized that this was crazy. What the heck was I doing? I’ll never get rid of them all.

I called the front desk and told them it was awful and we weren’t staying. We demanded a refund and were gonna get out of there. We called the other Motel 6, confirmed they had no bugs but did have rooms.

We packed our stuff and checked out over the phone. On the night stand we left the bible, which had finally offered some value to the world, and departed.