Please Help One of Patrick’s Favorite Restaurants

Basmati Restaurant Selling Antiques

First off, here’s a link to a story. If you can possibly help, please do so. I’ll explain in a moment.

One of Patrick’s favorite restaurants was Basmati in Palma. Every time I visited we made a point of visiting at least once and sometimes more often. When other relatives would visit, they also got the royal treatment with a delicious meal there.

When Patrick passed away, several of us met at Basmati for another memorable luncheon. In his honor, Shahin (the restaurant’s owner and Patrick’s long-time friend) scattered the table with rose petals. Though he doesn’t drink, he raised his glass with us when we toasted Patrick’s memory. Later on I gave him a small memento of Patrick, which now rests on a shelf behind the bar.

Now, because of the extended impact of the pandemic, Shahin is forced to sell some of his antiques. (He does not wish to borrow money from friends.) The article explains all this in greater detail, and apparently there is a Basmati Facebook page that describes the items.

So many businesses have been impacted or shuttered by the coronavirus. Mallorca has been particularly hard-hit. As a tourism-driven economy, it is always vulnerable to financial downturns, but those vulnerabilities are amplified when businesses are closed even to locals. (Even though the reasoning for the closures is just, the pain remains real, visceral.)

Basmati is a restaurant full of happy memories for me: Of great food, of Patrick, of friends like Carl and Antoinette, the Bonners, Ivonne, Nicole, Carol, Suzy, Remedios, and so many more. It would be awful if Basmati itself was reduced to just a memory.