Awaiting the Latest Doctor Meeting

E-mail to the States from JP on 20 March 2017.

Today has been another series of small adventures. In the morning we went next door to the hospital for Patrick’s ‘rehabilitation’ session. During that hour, Ivonne and I went to pick up the car from the repair shop, where it received a new battery and tires. While there we found a bank where I hoped to exchange some currency, but they said they don’t do that anymore and recommended a different place. How strange.

We picked up Patrick then drove into Palma to have lunch at Shogun, a Japanese place that he likes. We got with about 45 minutes to spare before another doctor’s appointment, this one with a ‘traumatologist.’ Ivonne went with Patrick to be his advocate. What he wants first and foremost is something to ease the back pain, then he can focus on healing the cracked vertebrae and weak muscles.

I’m in the hospital cafeteria right now, awaiting the results of that consultation. This is not like any cafeteria in the states… wine is right there on the counter as an offering, just like espresso, fruit, breads and sandwiches. What I don’t see is a soda dispenser, though I believe I can ask for a Coca Cola or similar if I wanted.