Curse of the Archduke

Here’s another short conversation with Patrick, this one from 2 Oct 2014, in which he talks a little about the curse of Archduke Ludwig Salvator. There’s a lot of background noise because we were driving to Prescott, Arizona, for the Prescott Rally.

Listen to the Conversation

JP: We’re continuing the story about S’Estaca [a big estate on Mallorca] …

Patrick: and the archduke’s curse.

Patrick: So after I met Diandra down there [at S’Estaca], I decided that now I have to consider how do I deal with this? It’s obvious the curse of the archduke has been passed on to the house and the owners of the house. At the moment the owners are Michael Douglas and his ex-wife Diandra and they split it according to the seasons. And their son, Cameron, was busted for drugs in Hollywood and is in jail, has been for years, so the only time Michael and Diandra get together is to try to raise money for people who are convicted of drugs, and therefore for their own son. So the curse descended upon them through their mutual son.

Patrick: Meanwhile I’ve decided to look up Diandra on the internet. She has become a producer of films. I haven’t seen any of her films, but she has a pretty good list of things.

JP: Of course, the producer is the money rather than the artistic …

Patrick: Yeah, but I think she directs and produces…. Then I decided to look up… let’s see, what was it? In looking her up there are of course references to Michael and the divorce after twenty years of marriage, and then something about how he had cancer of the tongue. On the internet he said that it was due to too much cunnilingus.

Patrick: That’s another curse of the archduke, I guess!

This Wikipedia article about the Archduke also mentions S’Estaca. This is the WebMD article Patrick found about cancer of the tongue. (Both open in new windows.)