Another Short Conversation

A short recording (25 Mar ’17)  in which you can tell Patrick’s pain is clearly getting to him, yet he still shows his sense of humor.

John: Any interesting stories or any practical things you want to …?

Patrick: I’ll have to try to… I can’t think. Let’s see.

Patrick: Well, Jennifer has her problems, but they all work out. She seems to have been able to settle into the life down there pretty well. And, um, she can handle… The only problem is with…. I think it’s Zach who’s in Tallahassee.

JP: Yeah. Yeah.

Patrick: And, that’ll sort out, or it won’t.

JP: Yeah.

Patrick: [about digital recorder on the TV stand. ] Somehow, I have to figure out how… I can see it there, I might not see it there.

JP: oh okay.

Patrick: Like to see how Gretchen’s gonna work out her old age fund. That’s gonna be a tricky one. Of course there’s gonna be something… something when I kick the bucket, but probably not much at the rate I’m spending on this place. Anyway. Things will work out one way or another.

JP: They will. They will. So for Stephanie’s niece would you like for her to have that picture of you and Stephanie together?

Patrick: I suppose so. That’d be good. And there are a few others around, I don’t know where they are now, but there are some others, with Stephanie.

JP: Yeah.

Patrick: Did I show you my favorite book?

JP: No… De Tempe Ontichi. And it’s solid? (laughter)

Patrick: Yeah, it’s a paperweight.

JP: Ah! (Laughter)

Patrick: From Bob Dreicer.

JP: Oh ok. (laughter)

Patrick: Who died shortly thereafter.

JP: Oh….

Patrick: Yeah, this shoulder thing is not getting any better. Sleeping on it is not helping. I sleep on my right side more than my left.

JP: Yeah.

Patrick: I forget what they call it.

JP: The scapula? The shoulder blade?

Patrick: No.

JP: Bursa? Bursitis?

Patrick: See if you can get my phone, I’m gonna look it up.