Another Monday without Patrick

Three days worth….

Friday morning attorney meeting. (Thanks, Suzy!) Nothing can start for 15 business days.  In the afternoon Sue came over to help pack stuff for shipment. I borrowed Ivonne’s car to take Sue home while Aina and Ivonne watched a video of Willy Wonka, the version with Johnny Depp. Sue and I got massively lost trying to find Suzy’s house in Soller.

On Saturday I went to Carol’s for lunch. She’s house-sitting at a beautiful place in Palma overlooking the bay. The food was quite tasty and we had a lot of therapeutic conversation. I admit that I shed a few tears of memory, brought on by the strangest of triggers.

Saturday evening I puttered around the apartment, unproductive mostly.

Cafeteria Paris in Soller

Sunday morning, with most things closed, I walked in search of coffee, finally finding some at a gelato place with smokers and cyclists everywhere. I got back to the apartment and felt almost immobilized, unable to leave, but unable to accomplish much of anything either. It was an emotional day.

Sue and Geoff in Soller

Suzy and her family had invited me to an evening barbecue but I couldn’t get myself to move. Finally I called a cab to Plaza Espana, took a bus to Soller, stopped at Cafeteria-Paris, a coffee shop where Patrick and I used to go, then walked to Suzy’s house. Along the way I was intercepted by Geoff and Sue. The three of us ended up walking all the way to Biniaraix and back, then enjoyed a nice evening of conversation and memories.

On Monday (today) Ivonne and I made many errands. We canceled Patrick’s auto club, health insurance, and phone, and retrieved his violin from a luthier. We went to the courthouse but weren’t able to get anything new. Still don’t know what happened to Patrick’s phone. Visited two banks but were redirected to branches in Valldemossa and Soller, which we’ll visit on Wednesday.

In my previous note of thanks I failed to mention Alison. She designed a lovely program for the memorial that is still getting praise.

I think I’m losing weight – lots of walking, hard to stay hydrated, and probably a bit of stress, but that’s a good thing. Also on the positive side, my Spanish is getting better.

Still haven’t accomplished the important school tasks and tonight is the night I must get it done, but it’s already quite late.

Must go. More another time.

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