An August Dream

As mentioned in an earlier posting, I have been recording my dreams for over 40 years. Sometimes I would write them down, other times I had a cassette recorder beside my bed, and since 2007 I have been employing some kind of digital recorder. Here’s the transcription of a recording I mumbled to myself on 6 August 1985.

I dreamed that I was living in a house and made a surprising discovery one morning. My dad had come to the neighborhood without telling us and was living next door. I invited him over and we talked for a while. Then he said he was going back to Spain right away, like that same day.

I asked him if he was flying, was he flying to New York. He said he was driving. I know that he had a VW. He was saying that he didn’t think it would be stolen because he had three different keys in series that you had to wire together, that you had to turn on, and no thief would be that industrious.

Then it turns out that he parked in a parking lot of a business that was a towing business, and they towed his car away. They didn’t have any signs or anything like that, so then the guy that did the towing said he wouldn’t charge for the storage fee, he’d only charge the $20 towing fee. I tried to talk to him some more. I was going offer him ten dollars, basically a bribe. I said I don’t know what kind of paperwork you’ve got, but if the paperwork was accidentally misplaced, I know that giving you $10 would go directly to you, and that’s really all I can afford, I don’t know where that $10 would go.

Pat and I talked about my music a little bit and he said that it’s difficult to place novelty songs. He said he almost lost his shirt trying to sell a novelty song. So I was going to give him a copy of a tape with some of my stuff and that’s all I can recall.